Vigevano railway station

Vigevano railway station


The railway station redevelopment project , in addition to returning an aesthetic and functional value to the railway structure, represented the opportunity to redevelop the areas directly affected by the presence of the railway terminal, with an urban and infrastructural connotation for the city texture.
For this reason, the project involved the construction of a new pedestrian underpass which, in addition to solving the well-known safety problems arising from the crossing of the rails, becomes the opportunity to create a pedestrian link to the inevitable caesura generated by the presence of the railway .
The underpass is developed for a length of about 45 ml, with an internal width and height respectively of 5,00m and 3,00m. In entry and exit is equipped with protected stairs by pedestrian canopy with slides for bicycles as well as lifts of a size suitable to accommodate disabled people.
Similarly, at the second sidewalk, a staircase and a lift were also protected by canopies. The canopies, in analogy to those of the second sidewalk, are build in steel structure with columns with a circular cross section and finish of the covering package with panels in corian, all in white color.

Project start up:


Project end:



6.000 smq



MEP Design:

Intera Srl

Structural Design:

Intera Srl

Construction management:

RFI - DTP Milan

Bill of Quantity:

Intera Srl


The old and the new compared

Move the white bar to the right or left in the photos to compare the station before and after the realization of our project.


Construction phases

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