New headquarters of the Territorial Production Department Bologna

New headquarters of the Territorial Production Department (DTP) of Bologna

(Feasibility Study)


The project has been developed with a dual purpose: connect the DTP headquarters and central railway station in Bologna, 900 meters away, to ensure a perfect synergy between operating areas and implementing a functional and distributive reorganization that bear in mind the need to aggregate the different sectors, currently fragmented into three different buildings, into a unitary place.
The new building is configured as a complex structure that winds through the area almost suspended from the ground. In its sinuous articulation it creates various suggestive areas and spaces that also invest in land-based spaces and the overall quality of the whole area. The overall development of the project start from the point of view of materials and finishes to find the right relationship with existing buildings.

Project start up:


Project end:

2017 (Feasibility Study)


10.300 smq + 7.150 smq for car parking


RFI-DTP Bologna

MEP Design:

Intera Srl

Structural design:

Intera Srl

Construction management:

RFI-DTP Bologna

Bill of Quantity:

Intera Srl