Kindergarten in Viale Druso in Bolzano

Kindergarten in Viale Druso


The project was commissioned by the Municipality of Bolzano as part of the integrated and coordinated planning activity of a preliminary, definitive and executive level, also including the design of the internal and external fittings.
The school project encompasses the set of concepts and above all of construction techniques deriving from bio-architecture (wood); a fundamental premise to guarantee an overall better quality standard for end users and at the same time, an ability of the building organism to interact with the external environment through the reduction of its impact on the reference context.

Project start up:


Project end:

2021 (executive project)


Total gross area 994.53 smq + 462 smq of external arrangements


Comune di Bolzano


Intera Srl

Structural design:

Intera Srl

Bills of quantities and estimates:

Intera Srl