International Airport of Umbria, Perugia

International Airport of Umbria, Perugia - S.Egidio


The project for the international airport of Perugia extension meets the need to adapt the existing airport to the travelers flow and, architecturally, wants to be a defined place, a recognizable architecture, a space ordered according to its functions.
The new architecture, with functions related to travelers, consists of eight simple volumes with a square plan, connected to each other by a flat roof. Four of the eight pavilions face the access road, are aligned in sequence and therefore show, towards the land side, a regular façade, in which there are three accesses: the central one with a shelter that extends beyond the road and the two side, for those who leave and those who arrive. The other four pavilions, which face the air side, instead have a fan-shaped arrangement that allows a wider area at the check-in.
The connection of the pavilions through the flat roof establishes a hierarchy of serving spaces and spaces served, with different characteristics. The pavilions are large rooms, punctuated by the rhythm of the concrete walls and the windows that allow the view of the Umbrian hills landscape. The atriums, on the other hand, are more dynamic spaces, to be covered, punctuated by the rhythm of the beams and crossed by the light that descends from the roof top treated with portions of glass blocks.

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30.000 smq


Ministry of Infrastructures

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Intera Srl

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Ministry of Infrastrucures

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Intera Srl

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